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(Social Blunder) "I like you guys, BUT... "

Kotler: I'm not gonna give you an example because the one that is popping up in my mind is the example that is going in my new book and I'm not gonna give it away. I'm not gonna give it to you guys. I like you guys, but not that much

Not the worst blunder, since there is a "pull up" before.
But still, it ends more in the negative territory.

Charlie's reply:

Charlie: We are not that hard workers that we'd beat you to it

All in jest, so all good.
Still, if you want to be careful about your reputation, you might not want to thread-expand on stealing ideas.

I might have replied with something like:

All good, only share what you're comfortable with

So you avoid expanding on "stealing frame", and you leave the "defensive" frame with him (as if his book was going to lose any value by sharing anything. If anything, it was going to be good for his book).

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