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Social Exchange Theory Real life examples.s


The main lesson that I have taken away for the power university course is "Social Exchange Theory".

This concept has been the biggest eye opener for me. I am singling out this one concept out of the 1000+ new things that I have learnt here is because I use this concept every single day of my life be it in Business, friendship, family, you name it I use it.

I am sure many other people, after learning it here, also use it consciously.

However, many may get stuck implementing it on the fly.

How about having a thread where we share real life experiences of times when we have used Social Exchange Theory to ask for something?

we could get a thumbs up on what we did well or feed back from on how we could have done better.

Either we win or we learn.


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Yeah, that's the crucial, first step in common to both social competency and power competency.

For those who haven't gone through PU, the lesson there is longer, and there are also some quizzes on the practical implications of the "theory" -the name "theory" is misleading by the way, since it's pretty much how the world works-.

Many of the case studies and daily issues we discuss here have their roots in social exchanges, so we've already (indirectly) seen several applications.
But I'm glad to see a thread just for this, and happy to read if people have more direct examples of it.

P.S.: I'm thinking where to best place this thread.
Maybe "social life"? Haven't made up my mind yet.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

What about Strategies? Because it is more overarching rather than speaking about more precise tactics

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I put it into "social life" for now, since it seems to be more about foundational learning and comprehension of how the world works, rather than actually crafting strategies.
But if the next posts will seem to be more about strategies, we can move it again.

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Matthew Whitewood
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Let's kick things off.

Since I don't know how to upload pictures, I will write it out.

To provide context, in wanted to enroll in a course, which was in discount before I had discovered it. So I requested to see if I could still get a discount.(I will edit out the names for obvious reason).

While drafting the mail I kept in mind various examples in the PU Social Exchange Theory section.

"Hello Ann

Thank you for your reply! I really appreciate that you took the time to give a detailed reply to my email amidst all the work.

I have become a huge fan of Matts's Work. I just recently discovered him, and I have subscribed to all of his social media accounts (giving the information that I'm part of their followers) continuously sharing his work on "Job struggles" (here I mentioned a specific podcast mauu does in order to show sincerity) with my friends and sharing his job tip posts on instagram.( giving the information that I'm spreading their work,which according to me might be value for them)

(Now I mention the real reason for the email)

I just came across one of his posts on Instagram, which said that the full job success course was on discount for a limited time. If i had known about it during the discount period, I would have purchased the discounted course as a no brainer, but unfortunately i missed it.

(Now I make my request)

May I still be eligible for the discount now, so that I can become a continued supporter of Matt?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,


In the previous email, I asked her a general question which she replied.






Quick note:

Learn how to post pics man!

Why copping out on such a basic feature?

I highlight this because it might seem a small detail, but this might be a matter of attitude. You're young and digital, how can you accept from yourself "not being able to post pics"?


Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

having the power lense for myself, other peoples lack of awareness really cracks me up.

So this random dude just sends me a message to like his page. Not even an effort to provide any value in return.

If roles were reversed, and I were in his shoes, I would dress the message like this.

Hii! I came just across your page. You have amazing designs. I showed it to my female friends and they said its very different from what is available here. My hatsoff to you for bringing a fresh twist. I have also leveraged my passion to start a business. Please do visit my page and leave a like and share if you also like my work. You can find the page at the following link.

Is my message a bit too long? Could my message be improved further?


On a side note,

Thank you Lucio and Matthew for helping me become technologically smarter!



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