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Solid Course to Build a Product Relevant to the Market - Product Management 101 by Todd Birzer

4.5 hours of video lectures on 4 main topics:
1) Market Intelligence
2) Strategy
3) New Product Development
4) Lifecycle management

If you have a business idea and have no idea how to approach strategising the execution, this course provides you a solid foundation on all aspects of how to bring your product to market.

Todd Birzer has 25+ years in product management and is such an effective communicator.
He condenses all his experience into 4 segments of only 4.5 hours of video.

Here is the link to the course (≈15 USD):

Further Breakdown of Todd Birzer's Course
1) Market Intelligence
a) Market analysis
b) Customer analysis
c) Competitive analysis
2) Strategy
3) New Product Development
a) Prioritisation
b) Objectives and Key Results (OKR)
c) Roadmapping
d) Discovery & delivery
e) Launch
4) Lifecycle management
a) Positioning & communication
b) Pricing
c) Sales support
d) Sales channels
e) Product support
f) Growth hacking
g) Obsolescence

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate marketer or related to Todd Birzer in any way. I have found this course to be time-efficient to learn about the various aspects of building a relevant product for the market. I wanted to share this to those interested in entrepreneurship.