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Spencer Cornelia and "unmasking fake gurus": it requires great people skills

Spencer Cornelia is similar to the more established Coffezilla.

He makes videos trying to

  • Review various "gurus"
  • Call out "not so good gurus" (ie. Dean Graziosi, Dan Lok, etc.)
  • Unmasking manipulators & unethical marketers
  • ...

This type of work requires strong ethics, AND strong people's reading skills.

Cornelia's ethics have been called into question for defending various NFTs and real estate people, some of which he had supported or were in his networks (example).
BUT I don't know enough to comment about that, and neither do I want to investigate it (note: I do mention it though because even while aware of my ignorance, I still I came out of it with a not-so-good impression).

What I wanted to focus on instead is that I've noticed Cornelia often misses out on obvious red flags.

For example, he could have chosen ANY sponsor for his videos, but he picked Established Titles, a business that sells "lordship titles" linked to some pieces of land and purports to use the money to preserve those areas.
A business that smelled like BS from a mile away and that someone doing his job should have picked on and looked into.

I've seen another Cornelia's video defending and basically doing a positive review of a business that when I looked into it smelled like overpriced BS a mile away, pushed by a guy that seemed shady from 2 miles away -and the reviews I've then seen confirmed-,

Then, he hopped onto a call to discuss "fake gurus" in the dating space.

But if you looked at who he discussed it with, I thought Spencer couldn't tell a malignant ahole from an angel:

We already mentioned that person.

Dark triads will always seek high-credibility people to endorse them.

Which is why people doing Cornelia's job should be twice as careful.

Not sure Cornelia has much credibility to lend, at this point, but he contributed to that undoing.
Including missing obvious red flags.

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Yes, when your business is busting scammers, and you associate with shady people or sponsors, you are going to lose a lot of points with your audience.

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