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Stop the fear of regret from paralyzing your choices! (The Undoing Project)

I have just finished reviewing "The Undoing Project", the history of two psychology heavyweights Tversky and Kahneman (author of "Thinking Fast and Slow").

At a certain point, the author says that Kahneman resisted changing flight tickets even when the new one was better for him.


Because he was afraid that something bad might happen.
And if something bad might happen, he would regret the change of ticket and blame himself for it.

Basically, Kahneman was anticipating the possibility of regret and allowing a completely irrational fear to dictate his choices.

Now that hit me hard because I know have been the victim of 'regret bias" myself as well.

Do This if Regret Is Decreasing Your Quality of Life

Has it ever happened to you?
Have you ever not done something out of fear of doing wrong and regretting it?

If so, you are allowing future fears to control your life.

The next time it happens, stop and immediately and force yourself to do what's most convenient and most rational.

And the next time you must judge your actions, as Taleb explains in "Fooled by Randomness", always judge your actions based on the knowledge you had when you took your decisions.
And not based on how things turned out.

As long as you keep regretting, second-guessing and judging yourself -and life- based on unpredictable future events, you are allowing the dark power of regret to paralyze your choices and pollute your life.

I am still working on this and it's helped hugely in increasing the quality of my life.

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