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suggested for summary/review: The Tactical Guide to Women

Thanks for your awesome site.
I've learned a lot and recently read this book. Which I'd love to see your review and summary on:

Ahaha man you wouldn't believe this, I'm listening to it just right now!

I was ready to move into a new batch of books and researches on workplace power dynamics, but then I saw that title on my audiobooks list on the phone and I thought "hmmm, what new wisdom could one more book add after I've reviewed tens of them. But alright, maybe just this last one".

And man, you are right, it's wonderful.

It's not on seduction as I thought, but it's on picking the right woman, which I feel there is waaaay too little information about.
It's a topic rather under-served both in the seduction industry and in the even bigger relationship industry and.
Yet, I think this is even more important than seduction or relationship information, because:

  1. once a guy has been working on himself it's not anymore about seducing, it's about picking the right one
  2. one could be average at seduction, but by working on himself and playing the numbers' game he'd still get enough to choose from
  3. one could be average at managing relationships, but with the right partner... A great relationship just comes out naturally
  4. the long-term partner you choose might be the single most important decision in your life

I'm only around 1/4 thought but, so far, I must agree with you: it's great.
The guy also has a background in psychology and knows what he's talking about both from a practical and theoretical point of view, which is great.

I'm looking forward to hearing more -and the summary and review will come soon-.

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