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Suggestion: Best personal finance books

Hello Lucio,

I would tend to think that you have read some personal finance books. Like you said it, money is power. So I would like to know if you thought about reviewing personal finance books. Just like other topics, it's quite hairy to navigate as there are so many books. And since you're so good at mining for golden nuggets (book-wise), I would love to get your discerning eye on the personal finance literature. All the books I'm currently reading are from your lists, so this would be helpful as well.

I would rate my financial intelligence as quite low (for the moment) as I spend a lot and save little. These are all habits and mindsets, I know. However, I would love to change mine.

Oho, I see a "financial university" ! Seriously, I do appreciate a lot how you think about things and how you filter them. I think that is the value of teaching, that it is not just raw knowledge. It is knowledge that has been curated and presented in a certain way to a certain audience with a certain purpose. And when these are aligned, the value is off the chart for the learner.

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Aha, another idea for the subtitle of the website: "Mining for Gold". You could use this sentence and idea somewhere else for the book reviews for instance.

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What do you think?


Hey John,

Yeah, there is such a list here already, right?

I long have on my list to make an entry on this forum on "wealth mindset", which is more about the mindset, than the actual techniques to conserve or make money -hopefully soon-.

Have you checked the e-book on personal finance as part of PU?
I'd consider that a good overview of the "money literature" -excluding entrepreneurship, which is challenging to teach anyway-.



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I didn't know about the list, thanks. I'll renew my subscription then.

I forgot about the e-book on personal finance, thanks. I'll check it out.

Yes, I think that the most important and foundational part is the mindset. That is what I'm working towards acquiring.


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