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Suggestion: search engine

Hello Lucio,

since you are committed to ever improving your website and are open to customer feed-back: here is my opinion. I think it is quite difficult to find an article using the local search engine and also by using the external google search.

What typically happens is that I have several tabs open and then my computer crashes or starts over and I lose the articles I was reading. Of course I can then find them back in my history.

I understand that you are using the model from girlschase without a table of content but rather going through articles following links within an article. It's all good, however it's too bad that sometimes I found a golden nugget on your website and then cannot find it again ๐Ÿ™

What do you think?


Hey John,

What do you mean by "table of content"?

I actually prefer to have very well structured and easy-to-find information.

The goal is to be a repository of easy to access, practical information, laid out in a chronological and logical path.
That's what the "start-here" pages are for, for example: to provide an overview of the most important articles.

Same for the "best books / resources" posts, they are shortcuts to the best information available.

And one of the reasons I've been dropping some summaries from the website is because the books weren't good enough and I don't want too much "noise" sitting around.

Do you have an example of an article or some specific information you couldn't find?


Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Yes, like when I am looking for the following sentences in one of your article (these are copied-paste from the article itself):

"I deserve fair treatment and I am worthy of respectful communication"


"Nobody has the right to disrespect you"

and I enter it in the search, many articles came back, but I could not find the one.

Also when I was looking for your article on "trap questions", I entered these words but I could not find the article.

I think the "Start here" is great. I don't have any criticisms against it. My remark was about finding ALL the posts that are on the website, by theme with a table of content with the title of the article. You have so many articles that sometimes I find one like the ones above but cannot find it afterwards.




So by "table of content" you mean a list of all the articles?

I'd be happy to find a way to organize the content in a way that makes more logical sense, or that makes retrieval easier.

Are you aware of Google's search functions already?
Sometimes I used it myself for the articles I need to edit.

For example:

  • add "" and google will only search within a specific website
  • add quotation marks plus a website's address, and Google will only search for the specific words within a specific website

It's not bullet-proof, but it often helps.

That's not to say that a better on-site structure wouldn't help, though.
If you got any ideas or examples, I'm happy to hear.


Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Yes! That's what I meant: a list of all articles. That would be my idea. Like:

  1. Social skills
    1. Making friends
      1. Article 1
      2. Article 2
      3. Article 3
    2. Charisma
      1. Article 1
      2. Article 2
    3. Being dominant
    4. Defense
  2. Negotiation
    1. Techniques
    2. Mindsets

That would be too many on one page for all topics but you get the idea: all articles accessible from one or several reference pages (Social skills could be a page and Negotiation another one)

I did use Google search but not in the way you showed. Thanks! However I still did not find the article I'm looking for ๐Ÿ™

Anyway, it's all good. That's a great example. Because I found an article from yours about Casanova in the process. But this is exactly my point: I think you have tons of great articles but they are difficult for me to find.

Thank you for being open to customer/member feed-back!

Alright, I took a first look into this.

I have a pro-plugin for displaying posts, and for all the fancy things it can do, it doesn't do a simple list-output clustered by categories.

This is the closest thing it comes to that (I picked random categories to experiment, so it's mixed with reviews and posts):

But I'm with you there, this is something I also care about.
Unstructured information is for lazy asses. Good and useful information must be structured, practical, and easy to find.


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John Freeman
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Well, especially with the quality of the content. I sincerely think it deserves to be valorized.