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Suggestion:MyContent feature

Most forums I belong to you can see posts you've started or commented on.

So you can basically create a simple text database of what you're interested in or working on.

E.g. on my tennis forum I've got a match journal thread.  I get tactics and technique advice and I paste in snippets on things I want to work on.  By looking at that and my thread posts I know who is expert in an area so I can ask them to respond on a thread.  Here because of the potential seriousness of what we're working on it would be even more useful

Now obviously this would be more intensive on the database so could affect site performance.  And I don't know if the forums module has this feature available.  If the tech constraints could be solved this would be a fantastic feature.

Lucio Buffalmano has reacted to this post.
Lucio Buffalmano

Hello Transitioned,

Thank you for the idea man.
I'm not sure I fully understand, do you mean something different than this page here?

Community, new content and Charisma University moved here.

My bad.  Thanks I never saw this.


Probably not your bad actually, the forum could be a bit more intuitive, John also only recently realized of a helpful feature to check the latest posts.

Community, new content and Charisma University moved here.

I didn't notice this feature as well.
It's very useful.
Thanks for pointing this out Transitioned and to Lucio for directing us to this functionality.

I thought "Post History" was a sub-title.
I didn't realise that it is a clickable tab.

When hovering for these tabs,  the underline is a bit hard to notice.
Maybe we could change the colour rather than putting an underline?
I think using the yellow of this website would work.

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Lucio BuffalmanoTransitioned

Maybe in addition to Matthew's suggestion you could run a poll on stickying a note about this feature on the forum.

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Matthew Whitewood

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