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Tai Lopez debates a "hater": teacher frames and judge frames

Tai debates a "hater", and Tai chose that name.

It already tells you a lot about how he wanted to frame that discussion.

Interesting case study:

Hater: can you define a cap rate
Tai: let's talk about real estate for a second

Eheheh that was hilarious, Tai was already jumping into his "I know best" teacher frames when he got stopped.


Hater: nonono, define a formula of a cap rate, do you know what a cap rate is?
Tai: absolutely

Then try falls into the judge frame trap of having to prove his knowledge to the hater (who is the ultimate judge of whether whatever he says is correct).

Tai doesn't know shit, but the problem is that with that frame, even if he knew, he'd still elect the hater as the final judge.

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