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The 27 Distinct Human Emotions

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I have been quite curious to identify my own emotions precisely.
Through reading around, I stumbled upon this research that 27 distinct emotions explain the most variation in our emotional states.

There are a few emotions that these 27 emotions do not explain so well such as guilt and envy.
The other emotions which do not link directly but are coloaded to these 27 distinct emotions are

  1. pride and triumph - admiration;
  2. contempt and disappointment - anger;
  3. sympathy - empathic pain and sadness;

2,185 short video clips were used to elicit a range of emotions in the subjects.
Some can be found in the interactive map in the first link.
The videos on average lasted about 5 s and portrayed a wide range of psychologically significant situations such as

  • births and babies,
  • weddings and proposals,
  • suffering and death,
  • spiders and snakes,
  • endearing animals,

Affective Dimensions

They propose further mapping emotions onto 14 affective dimension judgments—approach, arousal, attention, certainty, commitment, control, dominance, effort, fairness, identity, obstruction, safety, upswing (improvement of conditions), and valence.
I have yet to understand fully about affective dimensions.

From Wikipedia's article on Affect (psychology),

Affective states are psycho-physiological constructs—meaning, largely, concepts that connect mental and physical processes.

The 27 Human Emotions

Admiration                       Awe                    Craving                   Excitement     Nostalgia           Sympathy
Adoration                         Awkwardness     Disgust                    Fear               Romance           Triumph
Aesthetic Appreciation    Boredom             Empathetic pain      Horror            Sadness
Amusement                    Calmness            Entrancement         Interest           Satisfaction
Anxiety                            Confusion           Envy                        Joy                 Sexual desire

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