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The best teachers might not be on Google's #1 page

The Internet has ushered in a revolution in learning and self-development.

It's a force for good, empowering anyone with drive and will.

As for everything, there are more and less effective ways to use a medium for learning and self-empowerment.

Writers VS Doers

Many of the top results on Google on "how to do X" are not necessarily written by experts or by those who've done it.

But they're written by writers.

I receive several offers from writers who "know how to get on top X of Google search".
None of them mention anything related to power dynamics, or anything that would make me think "they might know what they're talking about".

Instead, they propose SEO-optimized "5 ways to do X", or have prominent links to some high-featuring article of theirs.

And indeed, some of them are telling the truth.

That's the formula of big-name publications after all: hire writers, and optimize for SEO.

What the writer does then is to search on Google, read a few top-page articles, and prepare a new article based on the other top results he saw on Google

And in my opinion, that's... The "best ones".
The ones cutting corners pull some previous articles of theirs, and change some sentences here and there.

However, take this exact formula and publish it on Forbes, Inc, Success magazine, BusinessInder, etc., and it can indeed rank on Google's first page (these days Linkedin, and Medium are also popular).

You can see for example Wikihow's resources for the article on "how to be more charismatic", the #1 result for that keyword:

The list is a who's who of "old-established media".

I quickly went through some of the resources, they all seemed journalists. And I think you can learn more about Charisma from the guys of "Charisma on Command".
But that might not be considered a "top authority" by Google.

"Good" VS Life-Developing

That's not necessarily to say the articles are "bad".

Often, it's probably OK or even good content based on some widely accepted wisdom within a given industry.

However, you might be missing the unique insights from those who've done it, and the intricacies that make the difference.
Plus, the dark side of whatever topic you want to learn from.
Such as, for charisma, you get "ask questions and listen attentively", but not "humblebrag to show off, without paying the social climber's price".

And while the "good" article helps, it's probably only the life-developing of those who've done that can truly provide you with a better blueprint for what you intend to do.

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