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The mistake of "I'll send you an updated version as soon as it becomes available"

When writing my ebooks, I had done a promise to the buyers:

  • I will send you an updated version as soon as it becomes available

It just seemed a nice thing to do, and it made me feel better about products, too.

However, there was an issue I hadn't foreseen: when I send emails to a lot of people in BCC, plus with a big attachment to the email, most of those emails end up in the spam folder because both large BCCs and large attachments are big red flags for spam.

It hit me when a couple of people told me they never received the updates.

So now I must change the approach.
From now on it will not be any more "I will send you an updated version", but one of these two:

  1. I will let you know when a new updated version is available
  2. I will publish all the change logs as new versions become available, so you can decide when it makes sense for you to access the newest release

N.1 is more proactive, but it still presents the BCC problem.
So I'm thinking to go for N.2.

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