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The official TPM "frame control" book: thoughts, ideas, & feedback

From this post:

Quote from Ali Scarlett on December 10, 2022, 6:09 pm

Quick thought:

It's difficult to stand out in a saturated market.

For example, publishing another book on entrepreneurship today and hoping it becomes a bestseller (there are literally thousands of those still published every year).

But, if TPM were to publish a book in a niche with very low competition, it can:

  • Stand out: since there are no other books teaching its principles.
  • Become the sole go-to authority: since the lack of other resources out there on the subject requires people to go TPM for information on it.
  • Increase sales: at the very least, sales for the book given that TPM would be capturing uncontested market space.

The idea is similar to the concept taught in the book, Blue Ocean Strategy:

"Blue Ocean Strategy is about creating and capturing uncontested market space, thereby making the competition irrelevant."

So, what if TPM published a book on frame control?

Especially since so many dating coaches love talking about the subject, it could make the book:

  • Highly recommended: from different sources teaching social and dating skills.
  • The only book of its kind in the market right now: and, therefore, a market leader, positioning TPM as the authority for it (at least, so long as no one else moves into the space soon after with better content and marketing, which is highly unlikely).
  • A better funnel for pointing readers to TPM: due to the quality and specificity of the content.

As a matter of fact, the market for this subject is so poor right now, TSS is on Amazon's first page for frame control (well past launch) and it's not even a "frame control book":

So, a book that's simply an "Ultimate Guide to Frame Control" may be TPM's best bet for standing out.

Happy to read any thoughts.

Started doing some competitor research today and found four main books on frame control:

  • The Power of Framing: Creating the Language of Leadership [2nd Edition]: good reviews, but seems to overfocus on leadership. We'll be covering more than leadership situations, we'll talk about social and dating situations as well (and, covering all three can win the book more points from people who are looking for a true "ultimate guide" to frame control even if they aren't or don't consider themself a "leader").
  • Frame Control: Subconscious Conversational Dominance: another very well-reviewed one, but this book seems to only talk about controlling frames and ignores negotiating frames (which are two different things). Plus, I've noticed quite a few reviews referencing talk of NLP in this book which may be what some of the market is looking for, but as we already know (especially from TPM and its success), not everyone.
  • The Art of Framing: Managing the Language of Leadership [1st Edition]: the same book as the first one, but a different edition. It's less reviewed though and still seems to carry some of the same issues of disqualifying itself for anyone who doesn't consider themself a "leader".
  • Frames: Your Frames Can Change The Game: from the reviews, this book seems to be a religious book that applies changing one's frames to adopting better beliefs/perspectives in one's search for God. (We can overtake this book by appealing to a broader market: those who are still looking for good, actionable wisdom on frames without including the personal, maybe biased religious ideas.)

Other than those, the market is still ripe for a good book on frame control.

There's no market (category) on Amazon for frame control, so we'd have to position it as a book on influence, negotiation, and persuasion for a shot at the bestseller list again.

But, that's a small thing the way I see it, and we won't have to compromise the book's content to achieve that. (As a matter of fact, it might even be a plus given that I didn't find those books above on Amazon, I had to search on Google. So, Amazon only seems to be showing frame control books in "dating" categories right now, which would give us an advantage if we publish our book as one that encompasses more than only dating and as not coming from a "dating guru"—which could also help us stand out.)

If anyone has any thoughts, ideas, or feedback on this project and/or how we might better be able to execute it, happy to read.

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