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The Power Moves YouTube channel could have better headlines

Hi, Lucio!

It seems you're very welcoming of critical feedback, so I thought I'd offer some here. This time, on your YouTube channel.

I was wondering how I might be able to add value to your channel when I noticed your copywriting (headlines) seemed very straightforward. It causes your channel to seem more like a journal with each video as a journal entry than an educational resource with each video as a new lesson.

Long story short, I have a mentor who was able to get herself featured in numerous publications (Business Insider, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., the whole works) by guest posting for the sites she wanted features in. I wanted to get more PR to build more virality around my book, so I reached out to her to learn more about her strategies. And, she recommended this free resource to write attention-grabbing headlines for my blog posts.

It seems that this same resource could be great for your YouTube channel headlines. Take, for example, this video:

Current Title: Misogynists and Irrational Males: A Red Pill Analysis

Headline Score: 61

Typically, you want a headline score that's in the green. 75 or above would be great.

Here are a couple I came up with that has a slightly better score in the green.

New Title: The Red Pill Misogynists and Irrational Males - What You Need To Know

Headline Score: 72


New Title: How The Red Pill Is Destroying Your Happiness Every Day

Headline Score: 73

And, here's one that actually meets the headline score threshold.

New Title: How To Be Successful in Dating Without The Red Pill

Headline Score: 78

Of course, this same resource could be used to elevate your blog posts, but I like the current headline style you have on the website here. I think it works really well here. It's simply a case of where you seem to be limiting your ability to draw in more clicks (and, potentially, views) by carrying your same blog article headline style over to your YouTube channel.

Does this sound like something that could add value to your viewership?

Let me know what you think.

Lucio Buffalmano has reacted to this post.
Lucio Buffalmano

Awesome suggestion, Ali!

So good, that I implemented right away :).

You're right, there must be a balance between what's "clickable" and what's "realistic".
Driving as many clicks as possible might seem like the ultimate goal, but it's also a trap. A trap to who yells the most, and the clicks can come at the cost of losing authority.

On the other hand, YouTube is more about "yelling" and grabbing attention, so it can make sense to dial up the "clickability" a bit.

Also, on YB, there is the thumbnail to keep in mind.
The thumbnail might matter more than the title on YouTube (but just my guess, haven't seen any data).

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Matthew Whitewood
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