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The Power University course has in all classes a written version for those who wish to read?

The Power University course has in all classes a written version for those who wish to read?

Hi Lucio, how are you!I am Adiones from Brazil, and I really enjoy reading your blog and for a long time I have been studying your written content and watching your videos on youtube with the subtitles in Portuguese (the advantage of youtube is that it gives me this option to read the subtitles while I still don't speak English... I am studying to learn this language still).  And now I want to buy your most complete course POWER UNIVERSITY. My question is: I have not yet mastered English and the way I study your blog materials is using the google translator extension, so at the moment I can only read ebooks in English, written articles or any written material because I can translate them with some online tool .... So my question regarding your course is:

Is your course recorded entirely in video-lessons or do you also have a transcribed version of each lesson for those who wish to read?
I am interested in buying it, but I have this doubt.  I even accessed the curriculum of the course and noticed some classes that you left unlocked in which are in written mode what motivated me to want to do it, I just have this doubt to buy it. And another question: Are your video lessons being used as youtube server since it offers the option of subtitles for Portuguese or are you using another server?

I ask you these questions to analyze if I could understand your material if I bought it today since I really want to deepen my understanding of power dynamics, socialization, relationships, and dating.

I am waiting for an answer to buy, thank you very much in advance. Thank you.

Hello Adiones,

Thank you for writing on the right medium, posting in the right sub-forum, with the right title, and with a great structure.

Yes, the lessons you found unlocked are unlocked on purpose, to provide a preview of how the course would look like -minus the quizzes-.

So to answer your question, it's mostly text, similar to the articles.
Plus video examples -in some lessons lots of video examples-, some of my own videos, pictures, and some charts/survey results.

The quizzes are either based on a video, or on a picture.
So where I can see you might struggle the most is with with picture examples of snapshots. But it's short texts and if you've managed the articles, you can manage PU I think.

As far as I remember, all videos are hosted on YouTube.


Someone recently also asked for a translation.

Beyond this specific case of Power University, I'd probably recommend you to "bite the bullet" and do it with translation.

It will take you long in the beginning to translate and understand, but it's double learning: the content, plus the language/verbal level.

To rise up and be a world player, you need to speak the global language.
Serena, also from Brazil, was recently saying that more languages are an advantage, and I agree.
I used to think that native English speakers were lucky not to have to learn another language. Today, I think that those who learned another language are lucky.

The good thing is that the beginning is the hardest part.
Then, it will get progressively better and better, until eventually, you'll do without dictionary, as if it were your mother tongue.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?