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The Science of Getting Rich: Notes & Review (3/10)

The Science of Getting Rich explains that getting rich is a mix of thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Bullet Summary

  • Thoughts can bring things to life
  • The more grateful you are for what you have, the more you'll attract
  • If thoughts can bring things into life, only action will really make them yours

Full Summary

Wattles says that the desire of getting rich is natural and there's nothing wrong with it.
Even love, he says, requires wealth since love gives you the desire of giving material gifts (giving and receiving gifts is indeed one of the 5 love languages).
As a matter of fact, striving for more is good: it's the only way to serve others and God.


The author says it's not true that:

  1. Rich people were born into money
  2. Not everyone can be rich because there's a finite amount of wealth

Original Substance

Everything in the world is composed of the same substance, which Wattles calls "Original Substance".
The original substance always regenerates, and that's why everyone can have as much as he wants.

The 1st Key: Thoughts

The Science of Getting Rich starts with your mind.
Your thoughts shape the Original Substance in a way that it can create what you want.
In a nutshell: you can create things with your own thoughts.
But it's important that you are detailed and specific in thinking about what you want.

The 2nd Key: Gratitude

Thoughts are not enough. The second step is gratitude.
The more grateful you are for the Substance you have, the more you will attract.

The 3rd Key: Faith

The third step in The Science of Getting Rich is faith. You need to believe that you can get what you want.

The 4th Key: Action

Thoughts will attract what you want, but action will really make them yours.
When you take action fully focus with both your body and mental presence. And whatever it is that you do, you should have full faith that, in some way, it helps humanity (Increase principle).

the science of getting rich book cover


The Science of Getting Rich leverages the now very hip Law of Attraction.
Unlike The Secret though, I appreciate it encourages people to take lots of action. And it has a lot of great wisdom too. Including, for example, the concept of not focusing on competition but on creation.

Overall, it's still not my perfect cup of tea for the unscientific ideas of "Original Substance" and thoughts creating things. Except of that, there are some good ideas, but not worth your time.


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