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The Self-Amusing Dominance Style

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Quote from John Freeman on September 30, 2020, 7:20 pm

And by laughing along, you are implying that you agree with him. BTW Lucio, if you want to do an analysis, I'm sure you're looking forward to analyze the laughs of Joe Biden (vs Trump) which I thought were pretty weak. It's another topic anyway.

Yeah, exactly, that's why you just want to curl your lips up, but not as a real smile, which means either submission, or agreement, but more as if to say "yeah, yeah, very funny, asshole".

I have in my mind the image of a guy who did this very well, I'll shoot a video of myself doing it if I don't see any other good examples.

On Biden's laughs, yes, I've seen some brief highlights so far, but it seemed like he could have done better there (maybe a new topic on this soon).

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