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The s##ttiest thing in my job

Hello guys,

I wrote about the greatest joy in my job. It's still the case. However, I want to share with you what is worst at my job. And it's the exhaustion and the stress. Even if you're not dealing with emergencies. The fact that you deal with pain, suffering and death takes a toll on you. It pushes you in 2 extreme lifestyles: extreme discipline or extreme craziness. Will you be a monk or a crazy guy?

That's a bit of the deal. That's what the most difficult in healthcare I think. It's a high stress high exhaustion environment. That's why I say I have a crazy job. It's because you have to be crazy to do it. I believe it's true.

I understand it's not a very positive post but it is what it is.

You do develop a stronger mental, emotional and physical resistance but at what price? And for how long? It's not humblebrag. It's true. And it's true in any kind of field. However, I feel like I have a somewhat intense lifestyle.

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