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ThePowerMoves positioning: moving away from "summaries"

If you search "The Power Moves" online, this is what you get:

"book summaries" is the first hyperlink.
And "best books" is in there as well.

If I put the website URL on some website analyzing tools, many of the "competitors" or "similar" websites show up as being book summary websites.

And I don't like that.

Why summaries is a bad positioning for

One, because it doesn't reflect what most users visit this website for.

And second, and most of all, because the positioning as a book summary repository overshadows the true value of

There is plenty of new social technology, new concepts, and new insights on learning social dynamics that have been introduced by And that's where the real added value of this website lies.

Summarizing books is a relatively low-value service, especially the way that some other websites do it, without reviewing or ever criticizing the content.
Being clustered with those websites hides the true value of

Fixing Positioning

So I have removed the page "book summaries", as a link in the top menu.
As well as I have removed "book reviews" and "best books".

Now the interactive page remains on the main menu, which I publicly renamed "resources".

That should send a signal to Google that "summaries" is not the highest priority for this website, which in turn should lead Google to remove the page as their first hyperlink.

Furthermore, I have been removing the word "summary" from some of the review titles, using instead "notes".
Or sometimes I went for a title that is a summary of the review. See here an example:

Instead of writing "summary", I imply right away, straight from the title, that it's BS that most men like bitches.
To me, that's value-adding reviewing.

It will take time to change all, or even most, of this website's reviews. But it's OK, this is important for the website's positioning, but not super high priority.


Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

I'm also thinking of dropping some more summaries.

For example, I dropped the summary of "The Secret", a nonsense crap that tells people to think and expect things to manifest in their lives instead of planning and working to make things happen.

I'm thinking of doing the same for all the similar books based on woo-woo, and some other books I think are a time waste. I'd still keep the reviews on the "book reviews" page though.

If anyone has any feedback on this, I'm happy to read.


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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?