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The two basics for influencing people

Hello folks,

I will be using this section, among other things, to highlight the best golden nuggets I read in books.

Especially the golden nuggets from soso, average or less known books that you might otherwise miss.
The book of this post is Persuasive Selling and Power Negotiation. And OK book, with a genius golden nugget that strongly resonated with me.

And here is what it says:

The basics of influencing are characters and skills.

I couldn't agree more.

  1. Your character
  2. Your skills

The basics, your 80% of persuasion and influencing, are not tricks, hypnotic words, NLP or anything.
It's how much people want to be influenced by you. And that's directly related to how much people look up to you and respect you.

And that's based on characters and skills.
The skills of how good you are at your work and how skilled you are at the basics of communication.

Both of which, of course, you can work on.

First work on your character.
Then on the basic skills of communication (enunciation, vocal power, posture etc.).
Then you can get into psychology and next level influencing techniques.

There is a natural aristocracy among men, the grounds of which is virtue and skills.
-The Power Moves

That's my own take on John Adam's quote, which originally used the word "talent" instead of skills.
But "talent" makes people think it's something you are born with (fixed mindset).

Skills instead remind us that you can work and improve.. On pretty much anything you choose (read here how to develop a growth mindset).

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