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Todd Valentine's The System Course

I just watched the videos on the course again.
I wanted to clarify my thoughts on Todd Valentine's The System course.

I think, after going through Power University, I understand Todd Valentine's The System better.
Because a lot of the theory in Todd's program is built upon the personal value and signalling person value.
I didn't really get the concepts when I went through the course 5 years ago (can't recall how long ago).

Now I went through a few videos in the course and understand why dominance & leadership signal high personal value.
Also, the concepts like investment and evaluation make more sense.

Shortly after I first finished The System, I also found a coach that gave personalised, practical advice.
This is why I probably found The System a bit more on the theoretical side, but it's actually very good.

My personal opinion on Todd V as I have heard from many people and after looking at some of his YouTube videos is that he overgames.

He uses a lot of backhanded compliments. It feels like it kind of closes women off.

And those backhanded compliments make it seems like he is passive-aggressive and is voluntarily trying hard to lower self esteem of women (though it's a good thing to not put women on a pedestal there is a difference between playful teasing and sugar coated insults).

In one video a girl directly told him that his problem is that he went 0 to 60 with girls (seems like her comment implied in that context that since he wasn't good with girls when he was young he is a bit resentful of them now).

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Same opinion.

The guy grew up withing RSD when the company was going strong and was all based on "routines".

That being said, he's a sharp mind, has a solid understanding of social and power dynamics, and albeit I wouldn't seek to become a Todd's copy, there is plenty to learn from him.

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Matthew Whitewood
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Todd seems dominant and leader-like in his videos & seminars in a natural way.
I may learn a couple of things about public speaking from him.

So I suppose that he has habits from the old days when talking to women.