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Tool: Remembering the Future

Hello guys,

did you watch Tenet? If not I strongly recommend it to you if you like Sci-Fi (theater is worth it).

Amyway, after having watched it it gave me a new idea that I might heard previously: Remembering the Future.

It’s a simple idea that requires that first you will already have took some time to build a vision for your life. Ideally: how, where and when did you die?

Example: I died in my bed in 2080 surrounded by my children and grand-children after having accomplished my mission.

Now, how did I get in this bed? What was the step before that? And before that? And before that?

That’s why it’s called “remembering the future”. It’s not woo-woo, it’s reality-based. We all navigate through space-time. However instead of having a divergent travel we can choose to have a convergent travel. That means that by choosing given space-time points, especially the end point, it gives you clues about what was the previous space-time point you travelled to, and so on.

Steve Jobs said “we can only connect the dots looking backward” I agree. If you look into your future you can do it preventively.


In the future I met my beautiful wife. How and where did I meet her? What steps did I take to be attractive to her? Etc.

Ideally we want to do it by writing down stuff. However, just by doing it mentally I can already see behavior changes in me. It helps me to actively select my futures (plural intended) instead of fighting against my present self.

“What I’m doing now leads me to my ideal future.” Kind of mindset.

When I’ll practice more this idea, I’ll complete this thread.

What do you think?

Love it John.

As a matter of fact, I will do it, too.

It's also very useful since it forces you to think about how you want your future to look like.

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