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Topic suggestion: Hiring process

Since I'm trying to upgrade financially, I noticed that there seems to be no specific lesson in Power University, nor specific article dedicated to this.

It seems very relevant for almost everybody and a very crucial situation with possibly quite a few pitfalls to it .

Things I would find very helpful to see your thoughts on:

  • general strategy - f.e. classical application vs attracting headhunters vs going through professional networking contacts - each has its use cases and things to know about, and something tells me you have very usefull information on each of them
  • where and maybe how to look - as typical sites like stepstone will be very competitive
  • general advice of things to avoid or do (that aren't covered in mainstream-articles)
  • how to stand out a bit more on paper - maybe you have some advice on that as well, as it seems pretty unavoidable and therefore crucial to make the best of it
  • job interview - some answers to very common/difficult questions could be useful


Of course much can be transferred from the negotiation lesson and the overall (huge!) workplace module, specifically "Proven Strategies for Career Success", which f.e. contains very useful information for the interview.

But since the hiring process is such a common, significant and relatively specific situation/process, it might be worth its own lesson.

Hello Anon,

Yes, that's definitely an important lesson for the career module.

I added a note to work on it for a future lesson and I'm collecting thoughts, videos, and lessons learned.


Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Looks like Ali has answered some of the big questions on this thread through his review of the course:
Find Your Dream Job by Ramit Sethi (I Will Teach You To Be Rich): Summary & Review

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Lucio Buffalmano

I'd love to read Lucio's take on hiring, as in you are the person hiring others.

I've hired dozens over the years, and will hire dozens more in my lifetime. I'm guessing that 'cold hiring' (you don't know the person, need to form an opinion from only the few interactions in the -fake- interview setting you have) is the worst case scenario.

Given how hard it is to fire someone in some cultures, hiring well is a mega-superpower!

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