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Trump owned the Town Hall meeting

Trump was in brilliant form.

Can't believe 8 years from when he stormed to election, people still haven't understood the power game.

Look at this:


  • On the side
  • Turns towards him
  • Looks at him
  • "Begging / please" hand gesture, as if she wants/needs something from Trump
  • Power down, because she depends on him, and not getting anywhere


  • Center stage
  • Fully facing the audience
  • Doesn't look at her
  • Doesn't turn toward her
  • Open hand gestures towards the audience (he keeps his eyes on what matters)
  • Power up, controlling the narrative, making her chase and react to him

And that's only a body language snapshot.

She looked too angry and biased and made Trump look superior and a better fit to lead.

Trump, again, seemed the only one with the courage and personal strength to speak the uncomfortable truth. and with the unemotional approach to be a more effective leader (ie.: the "grabbing" incident being part of human nature and power dynamics, antifa being a violent group, wanting the war to end instead of pickin a side, etc. etc.).

On the Ukrainian war:

Her: can you say if you want Russia or Ukraine to win this war (such a poor frame! Wanted to make it a tough question, passed him a soft ball to dunk)
Him: I don't think in terms of winning or losing, I want people to stop dying

Albeit it wasn't too difficult for an experienced man like Trump, it shows he still has good mental faculties to play his cards really well.

I frankly didn't think he had it in him anymore and would be washed up in terms of energy, and too bitter/combative in terms of spirit.

Instead, he did it really great.

He fucked it up during the presidency giving too much power to CNN/his opponents and picking too many fights, but he may still be able to mount a challenge for the presidency.

The opposition and their political correctness, again, may be his biggest ally.

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