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(Solved) Unable to unsubscribe

Hello, Lucio!

I wanted to say thank you for your blog - I was really impressed with how many different sources you have pulled together. Unfortunately after reading 60-80% of the posts I find it no longer interesting and educative for myself (the only logical next step is the power university)

Anyway - I thought I unsubsribed 2 months ago but it seems that I haven't (or maybe there was a glitch). I revisited your website today to unsubcribe and I found that the page to unsubscribe is missing (picture attached)

I re-read the contact page couple of times and it seems that this is the right place to inform you

Please help

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Lucio Buffalmano

couldn't upload the picture so here is the link

Hello Dmitry!

Took care of it, now the subscription is over (and will edit the first message solely to add "solved" to the title).


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Thank you!

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