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Using forum snapshots as testimonials: an apology

1. My apologies for a poor choice of words ("this guy")

I recently made a YB video and used some forum entries as testimonials.

And I found myself heavily editing that section and removing one testimonial because I kept using the expression "this guy said..." (there is still one of those up).

It felt a bit offensive.

To be precise, addressing someone as "this guy" is not high in the aggression scale, but it's covertly demeaning.
It doesn't recognize people's uniqueness and humanity.
I don't think of people writing here as "this or that guy", but as closer people, albeit just "digitally".
And I wouldn't normally address anyone I'm close to with that tone, so: my bad, my mistake, and I apologize for a poor expression.

So my first apology at @anonymous_user for using that un-warm language.

And my apologies now at @amerok (John Freeman) for using one of his posts as testimonial without first asking him first.

2. Using snapshots of forum entries as testimonials without first asking: is it fair?

Then I started thinking more broadly about this issue.

I used a few emails and blurred the senders' details.
I feel it's fair in those cases since it's just text that could have come from anyone (and I think a good chunk of testimonials online are written by the marketer himself).
Plus, I also say in my contact page that I might use personal emails as examples/lesson learned once I strip them of identifiable information.

BUT I'm less convinced now it's OK to do the same with forum entries.
I did use some snapshots of forum entries as testimonials on the Power University reviews page... And I never asked the original poster if he was OK with it.

Whether one thinks it's fair or not, I'm pretty confident that it's far more respectful to ask the original poster.
And I failed of doing that.

So my apologies to John again for using one of his forum entries as a testimonial without first checking with him.

3. Making up for it: deleting or no, it's up to you (and giving something back)

So, way forward?

If you're not happy with having a post, with or without your nickname in the testimonials' page, let me know and I will either delete it, or blur it -as you prefer-.

And if I used a message of yours, no matter whether you want to delete it or not, I will be adding 6 months of access to this website, plus one free course from all the new spin-offs that will be released (just let me know which one you prefer).

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?