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Values - preferences - priority - frame

The other day I was driving on the road and a vehicle cut in front of me aggressively without signaling again (our city is notorious for aggressive driving behaviors). I felt frazzled for a little and felt "Ugh, not again!" and realized that I didn't really enjoy big city living - as there are too many little "cuts" (micro aggressions) to deal with for me.

I realized that a lot of my own emotional issues/personal problems come from the lack of full awareness of my own personal values, and suboptimal calibration toward some values I already realized. Suddenly I saw the link between values and what I've been learning here in PU, and based on this I propose the values - preferences - priority - frame framework for self-development and pursuit of a better life.

Basically, all levels in this framework come together to form an individual identity of our own.


Values are our guiding principles that are more abstract. For example, some PU values I identify with are:

Personal freedom


Evidence and logic


These are more concrete statements about life choices. For example:

I do not like being around dominant people and being bossed around at work.

I enjoy a good intellectual debate and I am open to honest feedback and criticism.


Priorities are about calibration and adjustment - moving toward something. What should we focus on based on our values and preferences. For example:

Expanding/organizing social circle.

Moving to a smaller city.

Getting to be financially independent.


Frames are linguistic and nonverbal communication techniques that are embedded in our mindset.

This is extensively discussed in PU so I won't expand more here.


Moving from values to frame, each becomes less abstract/high-level, and more pragmatic and skill-based.

What do you guys think of this? I would also appreciate that if you have any personal reflections on any element of the framework you'd like to share.

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