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Valuetainment failed manipulation: Patrick Bel-David hyped up Franzese VS The Bull, and lost

Wasn't sure whether to post this in "entrepreneurship" or here.

Could go either way.


Valuetainment gained a lot of exposure and followers with a first, major interview of Sammy the Bull.

And he contributed to launching a recent "mafia craze", with Sammy and Franzese then developing their own (successful) channels.

Franzese and Sammy were two legit big players in the mafia, and now they both had channels.
It was only natural that people were interested in the two of them talking.

Even more interesting, Franzese was initially critical of Sammy and Sammy's collaboration with the law.

Michael softened his stance when Sammy had his channel. Power dynamics again: the channel empowered Sammy to also damage Michael's reputation, so Michale probably thought well of not making an enemy. Plus, Franzese probably thought the two might talk and that would be good for business).

And Sammy largely ignored Michale but, when he responded, he was far from conciliatory (he didn't fall for Michael's U-turn and olive branch).

So it was also only natural that people might get hyped up about some strong words between these two.

Patrick Be-David Re-Enters The Picture

Now Patrick Bet-David probably wanted to jump back in and organize that sit-down.

He has been dropping hints, promises and preview videos for quite some time now.

Long story short, he's now trying to milk that encounter with a Pay-Per-View release.

And reading from the announcement's comments it seems like it's either going to fail or that, at least, he's damaged his reputation quite a bit:

I scrolled through and probably 90% of the most upvoted are critical.
They either claim they'll never buy it, or slug-off Patrick Bet-David as a liar or money-grubbing manipulator (or both).

Why it failed

Some of the issues I see:

  1. Patrick disappointed people when he reneged his word: he first promised it was going to be free, then asked for money. Sure, things can change, but given the whole hyping up it's normal people will think it was planned
  2. Patrick came across as manipulative: from the hype to the regened promises, to how he's presenting this whole thing, the feel is that it's all a big lie/manipulation.
    Read Valuetainmnet's message beneath that release, and it's a big attempt to persuade that asking for money is fair, plus how he's asking less than what "people had recommended him" (sounds a lot like a positive self-framing attempt by making up an external, meaner authority that you're fighting for everyone's good)
  3. The fight-frame was over-hyped: people aren't stupid. Sure, the hype is part of the fight and part of the entertainment. But when it's only hype and staging, that's when it be feels silly
  4. The fight was over-staged: people aren't stupid, they could see the video previews seemed over-acting
  5. The fight-frame overshadowed the good stuff: many people watch Franzese and Sammy's channels because they are interested in their personal stories, in interpersonal relationships and, albeit they wouldn't put it that way, in power dynamics and how to acquire status, respect and power in male groups.
    The "fight frame" cannibalized all that good stuff.

Reading in the comments, I felt the same as many commenters.

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