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Vicarious Happiness: one of the biggest life hacks?

I am going to quote Stef here.

He was talking about "Schadenfreude", or the happiness some people for other people's misfortune.
And then he mentioned its opposite, "vicarious happiness".

And he said about vicarious happiness:

One of the biggest life hacks, if you ask me

A light bulb went off my head.
Wow, that was so true, I thought.

I'm not sure we could define vicarious happiness as a "mindset" and not simply a trait, but I think it can be crucial to at least support other helpful mindsets.

For example, I think vicarious happiness at least partially underpins a collaborator mindset.
Many people who avoid collaboration are afraid of helping others win, because they can't be happy if others win or do well. It's either they win, while others lose, or they'd rather not win at all.

And it's certainly a huge game changer for your general life's satisfaction.
I can personally vouch for vicarious happiness in my own life.
Some of the most serene moments in my life came when I was happy for others, and when I could (at least partially) contribute to that happiness.

It's also a trait you can develop with some conscious effort, and it might be well worth it.

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