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What Affects Drive & Conscientiousness?

Lucio's discussion on top traits affecting success made me curious about what affects a person's drive.

I put drive & conscientiousness side by side because I recall Jordan Peterson mentioned that they are the same thing.
Correct me if I misunderstood him.

I feel it's slightly different though because drive has a very emotional component to it.

I believe there's a huge element of managing desire and fear.
If all your desires and fears propel you in a given direction, you will "succeed" in that direction whatever that means.

This is why the dark side of human nature can be channelled in a positive manner to be more driven.

I'm brainstorming several factors affecting drive:

  1. Social factors
    • Social environment: being around driven people and good leaders affect drive
    • Family background: good parenting helps quite a lot in my opinion
  2. Health
    • Diet
    • Weightlifting: this affected my drive in my personal experience
    • Cardiovascular exercise
  3. Personal resonance with a goal
    • Being passionate and fulfilled about pursuing something
    • Having innate interests, motivation and curiosity about a subject
  4. Meditation
    • Gets rid of mental clutter so you are clear about what you like
    • Gives a feeling of detached, intense focus
  5. Desire for external metrics of success like money and status
  6. Nootropics
    • Bulletproof coffee - mix caffeine with butter & MCT oil (or coconut oil)
  7. Creativity and Desire for Novelty
    • Some people are driven by the cutting-edge stuff, travelling to new places, experiencing new things

Is Being Driven Good?

I think being driven towards external metrics of success can become a personal burden.

But curiosity, passion, purpose-driven, desire for self-expression and self-actualisation are good things.

As long as one doesn't feel dependent on any source for general well-being or fulfilment.

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