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What would you like to see TPM do more of in 2021?

What topic would you want to learn more about from TPM? (Pick your #1 choice.)
Improving my career
Managing my money
Starting a business
Being more productive
Improving my social skills
Mastering psychology

I think this is important to learn more about what kind of content you guys value which would help TPM produce more of that kind of content. I'm also curious to see what you guys value most :).

Thank you for this, Ali.

Not only I'll keep an eye on it, but if people have more suggestions, ideas, or different topics on that list, please do share.

The obvious notice here is that since TPM only writes on topics where experience/observation, science/data, and good analysis are present, I might not be able to write about them (myself).
Managing money, for example, is not my thing. And I don't consider myself all that good at productivity either. But there might be someone else with the right knowledge and results to speak on those topics.

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And I don't consider myself all that good at productivity either.

Power dynamics is a form of social efficiency. : )
Achieving goals through influence and people effectively.
In this sense, Lucio has helped me to be much more productive.
Arguably as important as personal productivity. If not more important.

Quite interested in sales personally.
Not sure if that's too niche within the wider context of power dynamics.
The concepts and resources on this website on persuasion, social exchange, negotiation have already been effective in improving my sales skills.
I find that leadership skills help in more complex sales as well.
If you need to move several stakeholders in a common direction.

Not an expert in managing money.
I haven't found any bankers who are very open on sharing their finance knowledge.
Rather they boast about taking the same amount of time and effort to close 1-million dollar contracts and 100-million dollar contracts.

Lucio Buffalmano has reacted to this post.
Lucio Buffalmano

Yeah, that's a good point on seeing "productivity" in from a wider point of view.
And it makes sense, a good business leader could work 1h a day but get far more done than someone else toiling 10h a day.

Sales is definitely big for social and power dynamics, so for sure that would be a big area to explore.

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Matthew Whitewood
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Some food for thought bearing in mind what Lucio has advised.

I was thinking about international diplomacy, political negotiations.
Navigating environments around extremely powerful people where lots of Machiavellianism occur.
Lots of conflicts of interests and complex motivations.

For example, how to negotiate sanctions?
How to negotiate peace treaties?
Building inter-country alliances during the war like in World War II.

Finance and legal industries can be like civilised mafias.
Very politically dangerous office environments.

Complex business situations like M&As and IPOs.
Making sure not to let the bankers rip the founders off like in the underpriced Airbnb IPO.

I read a sales book called Megadeals.
It talks about complex, large sales.
Megadeals would be something like how to close the 10-billion USD deal for the cloud computing contract for the Pentagon.
Now, this goes into the political realm, strategies, etc.
This level of sales is like building a new company.

I'm thinking if managing money gives you power.
Because the central bankers are always rated as very powerful especially in the USA and Europe.
I guess there's a difference between being good at managing money vs managing lots of money.
Akin to the difference between being good at power dynamics vs being powerful.

Elon Musk is the richest man in the world now!
He has lots of power.
I don't think I'm in a position to even comment on that.
Even though maybe he couldn't handle Riley in the best manner.

I would love to see a sales course by TPM.

Or, even a sales eBook that has some sales scripts along with why they work. That eBook could be separate in the TPM store or included in Career University :).

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