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Capito Hill Riots: the greatest "covert manipulation"

Imagine being one the people who stormed Capitol Hill.

Now, the dust settled, nothing changed -if anything, things look much worse for your political camp-, and you're getting pilloried by global media, and soon to be prosecuted for criminal charges.

From a power dynamics perspective, this was a glorious case of "covert manipulation", a new term and new (value-taking) strategy (thanks, Donald!).

These are the steps that led to it, from the point of view of "white house stormtrooper":


The first step was to gain persuasive leverage through shared identity and emotional attachment.

1. Trump made you emotionally attached to him

Trump, a billionaire who probably couldn't care less about you manipulated you into believing he's supporting your cause -whatever that is-, and there is such a thing as "team you and Trump".

To heighten the bond, Trump also masterfully painted sneaky and lying enemies that are trying to bring him down and, by extension are trying to bring you down.

2. Trump lost, made you feel you also lost, and you got cheated

Trump lost, he failed to concede, made up a story of being cheated, manipulated you into believing that you also have been cheated.

3. Your identity fused with Trump and the "Trump cause", now you're raging:

Teeling beaten and cheated, you're now angry and raging to support a narcissist billionaire who probably couldn't care less about you.

Trump keeps the fiery rhetoric up, incites you to keep on fighting and donating for him (what is he gonna do with all that money?).


Now we get to the covert manipulation proper.

4. Trump indirectly incited you to violence, and had his "cover" ready to save himself (and betray you):

Trump secretly wants you to wreak havoc on 6th of January, but cannot tell you directly.

With incendiary rhetoric but by never explicitly inciting violence, of course, he indirectly fired you up, but left himself the escape route open -ie. "I never said to get violent, I condemn violence-.

Call this "covert manipulation", for its resemblance with "covert aggression"

5. You fell for it, turned violent, put yourself at full risk for Trump:

Still raging and angry, this was a good occasion to let it go.

You were willing to believe that violence was the only possible answer against the powerful cheating enemy.

And you were willing to fool yourself that it was for a good cause, that it was going to wash the infamy, "send a powerful message" and, indirectly, to restore your honor.

In truth, you were a muppet fulfilling the destructive narcissistic desires of said billionaire who couldn't care less about you.

6. You get prosecuted for criminal charges:

Of course, in 2021, on a public building housing the elite politicians, cameras and video footage are easily available to everyone.

You're going to pay dearly for the rest of your life -it's tough getting a job with a criminal record-


Trump achieved his goal: going down in a wrecking ball of fire.

But he doesn't want to go down himself, he wanted to sacrifice you for that, but not himself.

So there you have the "run for cover":

7. Trump stabs you in the back as he "goes undercover":

Imagine listening to this as one of the guys who put his life on the line for Trump:

Trump: the demonstrators who infiltrated the capital have defiled the seeds of American democracy (obviously he didn't even write the speech) You do not represent our country. And to those who broke the law, you will pay


The guy you put your life on the line for?
He now says you "do not represent America" and that "you will pay".
And you thought you were doing it for him!

The president you're going to spend jail time for stabs you in the back to save himself.

Also notice the different register of language: in the manipulation phase, his tone was angry, bellicose, divisive, and plain English. Now that he goes undercover and seeks to save himself and his political future, he speaks more highly, and appeals to union.

8. Trump goes higher: The ultimate power move. The "people" were ready to kill for me, but I stopped them and went higher

And finally, you get to the final leg of the manipulation.

Trump showed there were people willing to kill and die for him. And that he stopped them. It was a last show of power that allowed Trump to save some face.

Now the narrative he set up is that:

"while people were willing to kill and die for me, I stopped them, I called for union and peaceful transition" = I didn't lose, I let you win.

That was narcissist's trump ultimate goal: find a way not to lose.

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By the way, this is not another attack on the demonstrators.

Of course, the media now is framing all these people in the worst light possible.

To me though, they were mostly "naive" and gullible, more than criminals.
And, in part, I feel for them, as much as I feel for most victims of manipulation.

Taking up arms is a valid option when you need to defend your freedom.
And men are more likely to be swept up by that type of rhetoric. In a way, becuase of our innate drives, men are easier prey to political manipulation.

But that's where the rational, thinking brain must step in.
The questions are:

Who, and what are you really taking up arms for?

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Matthew WhitewoodJohn FreemanKavalier
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I love this video.

In just 2 minutes it shows all the hypocrisy and manipulation of this event.

Trump Jr: (commenting on the 6th of Janury protests/riots) just awesome patriots who are sick of the bullshit.
Trump Jr: Kimberly!
Kimberly: (dances)
Kimberly: Have the courage to do the right thing. Fight!

While she's dancing with the top brass and ostensibly having fun, she tells others to "have the courage to do the right thing" and "fight" (for her cause).

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