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Why Andrew Tate is low power: alphas don't "get caught" cheating

OK, the title is on the provocative side.

But this video here is an example of masking low power behind the facade of dark triad and "Machiavellian":

Andrew Tate: (talking about what to do when caught cheating) and a lot of the skills is when they catch you, that's when the skill... (keeps talking about what to do when "caught cheating")

Man, that was quite a sad sight.

Grown-up men, some of whom even fancy themselves as role models for other men, thinking that's cool or "alpha male stuff" to talk and covertly brag about "how to get away with cheating".

Some of these same men say (or complain) that "women are untrustworthy" (and then mostly or only seek to meet women at nightclubs or via quasi-hooker-related lines of work).

Why "getting caught" is inherently low power frame

Think about that frame:

What do when getting caught...

It's low power because:

  • It's inherently defensive, since "when you get caught" you're already inherently in a mindset and frame that you need to defend. Even fi that includes counter-attacking, it still starts from a defensive position
  • It's low-power, because it sub-communicates that someone else decides what your behavior should be (and you're looking for ways to deviate without directly disobeying).
    Of course exceptions always apply, but high-power people aren't usually too worried of "getting caught". The archetype of "getting caught" is the child who's afraid of "getting caught with his hands in the jar cookies".

Top Gs don't chase, they replace: why sneaky is unnecessary (& pretty much disgusting)

It's also pretty much as sneaky and crooked as it gets.

And it's also not strictly necessary.

Sure there can be some advantages in that approach, but also a lot of unnecessary costs -including unnecessary drama, unnecessarily lowering your power, increasing the chances of toxicity in your life, and probably increasing the chances of a woman-initiated breakup-.

But the honest strategy is often even more effective, without the costs.

The writer here is no top G alpha, and still had rotations of women he liked and chose, without ever committing or lying about commitment.

Yes, you may not be able to keep all relationship-minded women looking for a relationship for long (but some would still stay, and many would be cool waiting if they truly think you're so great).

But then again, if your goal is not a relationship, and if you're a (self-styled) "top-G", then what should the problem be in finding a new one?

It shouldn't.

That's the other reason why that video above a mix of unpalatably crooked and low power: behind the Machiavellianism, the man sub-communicates fear of the woman moving on.

Top Gs sleep around in broad daylight

And finally, talking about "red pill realities":

many women would be cool with a non-committed relationship as well, or would be cool waiting (if they think the guy is truly high value, a great catch, or a major added value to their lives).

It's not like you even need any red pill to tell you, just look at how some very successful men live.

Hugh Heffner didn't have to come up with excuses about "getting caught" -and neither did "not-so-alpha looking" men like Berlusconi.

The examples abound, the possibilities to marry higher power honesty and sexual rotations are endless... But these self-styled "alphas" can't think of any better approach than gaslighting to stay in an increasingly toxic relationship.

Even completely amorally, for men who aim higher, I see very limited use for this crap.

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"...behind the Machiavellianism, the man sub-communicates fear of the woman moving on."

Nailed it!

I'm sure one of the reasons why Tate became so popular is that one moment, he'll give a solid business/motivational tip, and then he'll say something completely ridiculous, stuff that smells of insecurity. To resolve their cognitive dissonance about him, people listen to him over and over to figure out where they stand with him. This inevitably leads to more people talking about him or discussing him.

At this point, I'm convinced this is a deliberate marketing tactic:

"Say something 'alpha' and provocative and get people talking about you."

Dishonesty is dishonesty. A true leader is not dishonest. If he can be dishonest with his romantic partner, he'll probably be dishonest with his followers too.

Part of the reason why I haven't joined his course and won't.

I don't only want to make a lot of money. I also want to become a better person in the process, and he isn't a role model for that.

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Our suspicions about him were correct. This is how he made so much money:

I recently got a similar "sob story" email. It had a picture of a hot model attached. For a moment, I believed the story (It was well-written). Then I came back to my senses and realized it was a scam. It's unbelievable how gullible some people can be.

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