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Why Do Smaller Breasts Sometimes Look Higher Class?

I was reading Lucio's Dating Power Dynamics book.
He mentioned that sometimes smaller breasts sometimes look higher class and is preferred by some men.

I don't really understand why.
Would this be a matter of personal preferences?
Or is there some evolutionary significance like lower maintenance?

Or maybe the same principle applies here like Megyn Kelly's bottle-blonde hair.
There is a tendency for anything that attracts more sexual attention to come across as less classy.

Hey Matthew,

These issues are the most likely to flare up and trigger people.

And, I might say, the "triggered" folks -women with bigger breasts and men who prefer high quality women with bigger brasts- might not even be wrong here.

This is just one trait that can contribute towards something, or detract from something else.
But it's a trait among a thousand, and not even the one that matters the most when we look at what's "classy".

The reason anyway is what you say: bigger boobs scream "sex" far louder, and that can drown out other features and traits.


When I think of a classy woman with small breasts who want to get the most out of it, I think of a low-cut dress, possibly no bra.

She could still pull off the classy look at a cocktail party, fundraiser, or exclusive club.

But it would be far more difficult for a woman with big boobs.
She'd be framed as seeking sexual attention and validation, and any thing she'd say or do would hardly change that perception.


I'm not a fan of discussing specific physical features without the full context.

It's because these topics are the most likely to be interpreted the wrong way, and the most likely to send the wrong (disempowering) message.

Without context, people tend to interpret it too literally and prescriptively.
Like "if you look Y, then you get X".

What we said a long time ago discussing races with John comes to mind here:

Yes, learn the general rules, learn your potential weaknesses, learn the ways around it, and then... Then say "fuck it" and forget about it.

In this case, women with bigger breasts might feel unnecessarily disadvantaged, while the opposite is probably true.

And even when it comes to looking "classy", big-breasted women can do that, too.

Edit 2:
Better rephrased why I'm wary of discussing single traits without the full context + typos & links.
The context is present in articles and lessons such as "the sexual market place", "sexual market value", and "exceptional dating" (plus of course, the better context of them all is in the products).

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