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Why I removed email notifications from my phone

Some months I first removed my personal email address from phone notifications.

And I loved it.

I was still wary though to remove the work email.
Answering quickly to customer inquiries was something I took pride on, and getting those push notifications felt like "staying on top of things".

Then, some weeks ago, the "lost password" function stopped working for a few days, and I was receiving daily emails with the same questions, waking up with several "to-respond emails" every day.
That's when I made big decisions :).

  1. Remove the work email from push notifications as well
  2. Set up an auto-responder

I still check the work email several times a day because I never want to let customers with legit questions wait, but it's a big change.
It's not "push" anymore, it's "pull".

It's not beeping to place itself at the top of the priority list anymore.
And that gives me more control over my time, life, and schedule.

So the main reason was to gain more power and control over my schedule and time.
And I love the change.

Turns out that "staying on top of things" was more a feeling than a reality.
Reacting to things gives you the feeling of doing, but you're usually far less efficient when you're reacting than when you're deliberately acting on planned and prioritized tasks.

As of now, I don't think email will ever come back again to my phone.

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