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Why is Sense of Style Important in a Body Language Course? Body Language Project Review

Lucio mentions in his review of the Body Language Project:


Terrible Clothes
Some guys in the picture really need all the body language help they can get given the clothes they wear.

It brought me back to the time I spent in Eastern Europe and their fantastic fashion style.
The local men had too wide shirts with too long arms, too wide and too long pants folding over ugly plastic Bata shoes and the color matching of a daltonic man :).

I'm thinking that a sense of style is not so important when making a course on body language.

Although one can argue well-fitted clothes do influence how a person stands and postures himself.
Like people tend to stand better when wearing a suit because it's harder to slouch when wearing a suit.

Do you think it's important to have a good sense of style when making courses?

I think at times having a good fashion sense can add more credibility/external value but then again it could be said that fashion is largely contextual. That being said body language is important but I think having a good fashion sense can add a boost in a way through perception. I think fashion can be used to create a personal brand or reinforce a perception of professionally when selling a course. The way I look it at as a customer is that having good fashion sense can add/indicate value but isn't necessary the end all or be all.

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