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Will a Google Form Help to Streamline Refunds?

What do you think about setting up Google Forms for Refunds?
Would that save time in consolidating all the refund requests?

Then, a quick series of questions and requests could help to process the refund:

  • Why do you want to get a refund?
  • What value did you get out of Power University?
  • Attach a screenshot of the invoice

The problem is that people may still email you, and you end up with another channel of refund to handle.

Maybe in the future could work great.

Thank you for the idea, Matthew.

For now, it wouldn't be worth the time -it would mean developing a system for something that is not an issue-.

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Great to hear that it's not an issue :).

I noticed that

  • there are a few, unreasonable requests for refunds
  • some people need the money back for personal reasons
  • some people didn't find the course suitable

So I thought a series of questions & requirements

  • may encourage fair requests for refunds
  • collect some data on why people ask for the money back or didn't find the course suitable

But if it's the above are non-issues or small issues, then that's even better.

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