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Wolf-Prey dynamics with a smile: you're in the lair, baby! (video example)

In Social Power there a couple of examples up of the "wolf-prey" dynamics.

The wolf-prey is a highly erotic and very exciting dynamic for women -as long as they feel "safe enough" with you!-.

The examples in Social Power see the man either advancing with a "I mean business" type expression, or with a piercing eye contact -the "psychopath stare", as Byrch calls it-.

But today, as I quarantined and listened to Pavarotti, I realized that the same dynamic can be replicated with laughter as well.
It's not a toothy laugh, of course, it's more of a slightly diabolical laughter. The laughter of the man who knows he's got the prey.
See it here:

The dynamic is that of "prey in the wolf's lair". But she's also enjoying it.

Love it.
Pavarotti turned a cheap 7/11 meal intro a true pleasure :).

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