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Women: never say "I know my value"

Why not?

Because it makes you come across like you're an entitled status inflater.

This is what it actually says:

I set my value, not YOU, so independently of what you think, you must put a lot of effort for me

That's a covert, one-up power-move, and it's very annoying for the receiver.
Especially if the receiver is an intelligent person aware of power dynamics (and most high-value men are naturally aware of power dynamics).

Profiling Entitled Women

And who usually goes around saying "I know my value"?

Usually, it's not women with a lot to give.

Those women don't usually have to say that, because:

  1. It's obvious they are high value, and everyone knows it (that's based on looks/sexiness, both of which are obvious)
  2. They are able to convey it indirectly (for less visible character-based qualities, they are socially skilled to convey them indirectly)

Instead, it's the typical sentence that you hear from people who've been reading too much on positive thinking -or on "women dating strategies" on Reddit-.
And they focus more on thinking positive -and on power- rather than on actually delivering more value.

It's entitlement mentality -the bad type of entitlement-.
And it says that you focus on what you get, rather than what you give.
And high-value men usually stay away from those types of women.

If you know your value, great!
Just don't go around shouting it with words. Instead, do so with actions, or indirectly.

Such as: make others tell you that you're high value, don't shove it down their throats.

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