Tax-Free.Today Review (Tax-Optimization for Digital Nomads)

tax free today review, or in German countries, is a website catering to digital nomads and travelers who want to maximize their taxes and reduce their bureaucratic burden.


About The Author:
Christoph Heuermann, born in Germany in 1990, is a digital nomad German spending most of his time traveling (he tells about his travels in his cool blog here).
He started first writing for the German market, and later expanded to an international audience with Tax-Free.Today.

Good Information For Digital Nomads is RARE

Are you a digital entrepreneur?

Or a solo-preneurs, or someone who’s running or thinking about running an online business?

Then you must have tried looking for good information on the following topics:

  • Tax optimization
  • Reporting duties (how to avoid filing long bureaucratic statements!)
  • Legal entities (pros and cons, where to incorporate)
  • Legal protection (against rogue legal firms, copyright vampires and, recently, EU crackdown on the Internet)

And you must know how hard it is to find good and reliable information on these all-important topics.

Of course, everyone has an opinion on this stuff… But they’re all based on limited personal experiences, friends’ or just simply parroting stuff.
Basically, they’re all based on… Nothing.

Enter Tax-Free.Today: The Go-To Place For Tax Optimization

Then I finally stumbled on Tax-Free.Today.

And I got gold-rush excited.
The same excitement I get when I know I hit on a new golden source.

The depth of information was mind-blowing.
And the philosophy resembled the one here at the power moves.

Tax-Free.Today’s Philosophy

Tax-Free.Today is much more than “tax optimization”.
It’s a philosophical statement, a way of life.

The website tagline says a lot:

Stop complaining and free yourself from the burden of the State

I can imagine some people will disagree -or even shudder- at the idea of the state as a burden to free oneself from.

But if you resist that initial temptation, you will see that there is much truth in Christoph’s point of view.
Even if you still end up disagreeing, we still can respect his philosophy.

Not Just Taxes: A One-Stop-Shop For Global Citizens

Albeit the name focuses on taxes, Tax-Free.Today is there to help people become citizens of the world, unshackled from any obligations.

Among the topics it deals with:

  • Protecting your savings and future pension
  • Legal entities all over the world, advantages and disadvantages
  • Opening bank accounts abroad
  • Deregistering from your country of origin (and whether you should do it)
  • Where to get a new residence
  • Where to travel and where to live
  • Setting up a business with bitcoin payments

And of course, optimizing and even avoiding taxes (legally!).
Yep, like Tim Ferris first said in “The 4-Hour Workweek“, that freedom is not the exclusive realm of the ultra-rich anymore.
Now you can have it, too.

Tax-Free.Today Is About Freedom & Personal Empowerment

Ultimately, Tax-Free.Today is about personal empowerment.

It’s about choosing where to live, where to pay taxes, who to support and how to lead and live your life.

And that type of philosophy always strikes a chord with ThePowerMoves.

I focus on social power and freedom from bullies and small office despots.
Christoph focuses on geographical freedom, business freedom and freedom from “reporting duties”.

My Personal Experience

I devoured several of Christoph’s articles in one sitting and I had to get more of him.

So I booked a consultation some weeks ago and, a few days, I got the confirmation papers of my business.
I chose an LLC thanks to Christoph’s advice.

And I couldn’t be happier that I don’t have to waste any time filing complex paperwork or, God forbid, saving bills.

I look at some friends of mine saving bills and I think “why on Earth!!”
Life is too short to collect save, file and report pieces of paper!


I stumbled upon Tax-Fre.Today and immediately thought “damn, this is the best blog I have seen in this whole year”.

Little later, I booked a personal consultation with Christoph.

And, a little later, I incorporated The Power Moves following Christoph’s recommendations.

If you’re running a digital business, Tax-Free.Today is definitely something you want to look into.
Or you can simply save time and book straight a consultation with Christoph. It’s time well spent.

Book a consultation with Christoph

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