Introducing: Ali Scarlett, An Invaluable TPM Collaborator

Ali Scarlett is an author, entrepreneur, and avid researcher of the science of networking.
And, for some time now, also one of the main contributors to this website, to Power University, and to power dynamics as a discipline.

Background Info

Currently, Ali summarizes research on business networking over at his website. Everything is clear and lighthearted.

He has also studied the likes of professional sociologists, applied psychology researchers, and other business networking experts when defining his methods.

Ali’s education and experience have provided many opportunities for him to give back. To help himself and others achieve personal empowerment, Ali uses helpful information as the pathway to achieving more — by applying and sharing all of the wisdom he acquires as a lifelong student of personal and professional development.

How We Found Each Other

Ali was an early joiner of TPM on November 28, 2019

Since then on, he’s been on a continuous, nothing short of impressive upswing.

In 2020, Ali kindly proposed what’s considered by many to be an honor: to write the foreword of his very first book, The Clever Connector” -where he applies solid power dynamics and advanced social strategies to networking-.

This is what I wrote back then:

When I first encountered Ali, he reminded me of a scene from The Dreamers.

The Dreamers is a movie about movie buffs whose lives revolve around movies.

The protagonist calls himself one of the “insatiables.”

These are the guys who can never have enough, the types of guys who sit as close as possible to the screen so they can receive the images first.

Ali seemed to have that same spirit.

But instead of movies, it was personal development, growth, and strategies for success.

He was one of the insatiables, asking the most questions, reading the most books, and always working the hardest.

What a winner.

Two years later, I have the pleasure of writing about Ali again.

This time, it’s to introduce Ali Scarlett as a collaborator, reviewer, and author for The Power Moves (“TPM”).
Plus, co-author for our upcoming book “The Social Strategist”.

How Ali Earned A Top Spot in TPM

Of course, one may say that I’m a bit biased.

But then again, people these days seem to misunderstand “biases”.

Biases don’t stand on vacuums and don’t just pop up randomly.
It’s not as if people wake up one day and “suddenly become partial to some”, or “randomly start respecting someone”.
No, it doesn’t work that way. It’s that people earn that respect, trust, or “like”.

So, in this case, Ali earned that “bias”.

One of the reasons why I enjoy working on TPM is because I don’t have to work with anyone I don’t like—and it’s not like I’m easy to please: I’m damn picky.
So if we reached this point of working together, it means that I like Ali—or, put another way, it means that Ali earned my trust, respect, and “like”.

How did Ali earn it?
A million ways, and maybe included that he got so good at social skills and advanced social strategies :).

But also by virtue of who he is (and has become).

It’s not just that he is good at what he does, it’s also that he’s an awesome human being and a true class act.

That out of the way, let’s focus now on the “skills” side and what made Ali such an important contributor to TPM.

An inspiration of what’s possible: Ali Scarlett skyrocketing his growth

When Ali first joined TPM I was impressed by him.

I was impressed first of all by his thirst for knowledge and progress, as well as by his growth mindset and learner’s attitude.

Some guys say they want to learn, but are truly difficult to give feedback to.

Ali is the opposite. He’s any coach’s dream: he makes you want to give him feedback.

When he first arrived you could see he was a smart guy.

When it comes to strictly social and power dynamics, his level was OK-ish, but you could spot some gaps (luckily, I can be totally honest because of where Ali is now, just keep on reading-). Some of the times I thought some basics had to be put in place—my fault for not explaining things properly in the early versions of Power University, of course-.

Unluckily, lacking the basics of social skills and emotional intelligence makes it really hard for people to progress.

Far more times than not, I’ve noticed that, for whatever reason, most people never manage to fix and integrate those basics. So they only make little progress, spotty progress, no progress at all…o Or even flame out, blame others, get angry, and get worse.

Well, thanks to Ali, today we now have the proof that it is possible.

Ali isn’t just an exception.

He’s a role model and an example of “what can be done”.

Of course, Ali is a super smart guy.

But that’s often not enough. Equally important were an antifragile ego, learner’s mindset, hard work, and a giver attitude that just makes you want to see him succeed (and if you’re thinking “I’m not that smart”, please note that “smart” is only 1 in 5 traits).

Strong of those 5 traits, Ali went from true beginner to truly advanced in an incredible short time.

Ali’s contributions

Today I read Ali’s case studies and often learn something new.

Ali contributed to Power University, this website’s leading course on advanced social skills and strategies, both in terms of upgrades and refinements, and in terms of brand new concepts and approaches.

This is what John, by all means NOT a beginner, and in many ways an advanced practitioner of power dynamics, says of Ali:

I’m nowhere near your level yet but as you can see I’m starting to learn the ropes of power dynamics.

This stuff goes far and deep, though. When I see the kind of analyses you and Ali pull out, it’s interesting to see that every word matters.

When it comes to some applications of advanced social skills and persuasion, for example marketing or copywriting, Ali reached a level of competence and professionalism that I’ve never seen in anyone—including professionals I specifically hired to fix marketing and copywriting issues-.
The old sales page of Power University was in large part Ali’s doing. The current one is all Ali’s doing.
When I read his breakdowns and suggestions I find myself nodding and thinking “this is genius”. And I simply end up copy-pasting whatever he says.

Ali Scarlett Strengths

Ali Scarlett’s strengths currently lie in:

  • Social dynamics analysis
  • Power dynamics analysis
  • Marketing / copywriting
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