Influence & Persuasion

Negotiation skills and influencing people are key interpersonal skills.

They are “higher level” people’s skills.
It means that first you need to acquire a certain level of experience and knowledge before you can fully unlock the power of influencing; and you need a certain level of assertiveness, empathy and confidence before you can skillfully master the art of negotiation.

Like John Maxwell says leadership rests on influence, and Covey in his best seller The 7 Habits of Effective People says maturity and a balance of courage and consideration are key to reach a win/win negotiating mindset.
Influencing & Negotiation Skills: Where To Start
The Power Moves deals as much with best practices and the darker side of human nature, so it’s the perfect spot to learn.

Book Summaries reviews the literature
Social Mastery gives you the foundation social skills
Youtube channel shows the social dynamic breakdowns

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