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The Shogun Method: Should One Learn It?

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Hi @lucio-buffalmano.

Firstly, I'm slightly embarrassed because I don't know if I posted this in the right area.

But we'll, to my query.

Would you like to take a look at "The Shogun Method" program?

It's by a person who claims to be a former MK Delta insider, and he claims to have infused their techniques into Seduction.

I have tried a few of the techniques and techniques. and I have seen them work for me to an extent especially against older women. Crazy part is it does not seem like the normal pick up artist stuff at all. How ever I'm not sure if it were coincidence or. The results I got.

However, the products only consist of 70% fluff and 30% good content. But the 30%, seemed gold. All the gold is spread around many many products. I have few of the products.

I've seen the stuff work for me to seduce older unsuspecting women, but I wonder if they can be applied in a non-seduction persuasion and business influence way.

If you want to review it, I can share the stuff I have, with you.

Hi A,

I'd be very curious to hear what worked for you, or what makes it different than most other programs or courses.

What was so good about it, or what was it exactly that you did from the program and that you thought worked well?

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Apologies in advance, I am not as articulate as the others who post, but I will try my best.

The Shogun Method

The program is about mind control through emotional manipulation with covert topics, Words and language patterns. Teaches techniques on how to create covert patterns..

It takes you through phases And asks you to move from one stage to another. ALSO VAGUELY GIVES ADVICE ON WHAT TO LOOK FOR as a signal of moving on to the next phase.

Here are the phases

0. Goes over some preconditions of using the method. Reviews loops in the female mind very vaguely.

1. Intrigue - patterns and topics. To capture attention. Very safe patterns. Surface level topics. This gave me the confidence to approach anyone. This stage is one of the two things that worked best for me.

2. Rapport- selected topics and patterns to lock the other persons attention. Slightly deeper topics, which may seem weird against someone absolutely fresh, but once you take someone through the 1st stage, they don't mind.

3. Attraction- moves into techniques like embedded commands phonetics etc.. And more patterns. Like before patterns on this stage will move the red flag of someone fresh, but if you've been through the previous stages with them, they don't mind. They seem to love the language patterns. One girl even asked me "How do you talk so well".... Little did she know I was just a one trick pony.

4. Emotional Addiction- this stage has been renamed from enslavement, and it seemed fucked up. So I didn't even study this stage.

5. Fractionation- Emotional manipulation with fractionation. Application of fractionation unlike I've seen before. This is what worked for me the best Moving back and forth romantic and logical, happy and sorrow, pain and pleasure. Second thing that worked for me.

ALL IN ALL, it did seem effective to some extent. Definitely better than other dark psychology stuff out there.

The main problem I find is that.

You would have to spend over thousands of dollars to get to know the full picture, but you still wouldn't get the full picture.

The owner pretends to give alot to the users but actually keeps people in the dark, in that. he doesn't give enough examples of any technique so that you can have concrete understanding of your own, but instead keep things slightly vague, so that you are dependent on the community.

He doesn't give all details of a technique within a single product.

The flagship is about 80 dollars, but it goes through the basics only. To get comprehensive picture he encourages to buy the add ons for prices between 20 to 100. Which again are not comprehensive for the price tag.

Hope this helps.

The best thing i found is that it is COVERT

Here to clarify any further query.



Got it, thank you for the explanation, A!

Seems like it's heavy in NLP / hypnotic cadences and patterns, which is something I'm quite interested in since I haven't seen much good on the topic.

he seems to use those techniques on his customers first and foremost though :D.
I've seen a few of his blog posts and I wasn't impressed by the content, everything's a sales page in his writing.
But that does not necessarily mean that the product is bad.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?
One important note I want to make is about mindsets:
Quote from Astronomically Low Status on November 14, 2020, 5:57 am

The best thing i found is that it is COVERT

Is there a specific reason why you think that the best part?

One must be careful with this "covert" idea that doesn't become a cop-out.

That's a marketing strategy to sell a system that is "easy" and without risks.

But eventually, dealing with people, one has to come to the surface.

Exceptions always exist, but I doubt one can reliably lead from beginning to end without putting oneself out there.
And one most certainly cannot be a relationship leader with covert commands / patterns alone.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

I absolutely agree with your point. And my intention isn't to use SM solo for relationships!

The is my foundation to communication skills, SM is just one of the arsenals in my bag, as a go to response when i get stuck.

in reference to the point above, I think it's the best part, because it gives me an idea on how to approach seduce someone through normal conversations.

More recently though, my focus has shifted from seduction and dating to career. negotiation, persuasion, influence etc... and I am not being able to adapt SM for non sedution corporate settings. Adapting SM for general situation could be a very useful tool for everyone.

If you are interested in this line, You can also check out products by JD Fuentes. his products are less polished but more complete in dealing with emotional maniplation.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record , incase you want It, it will be my pleasure to share the products both by JD Fuentes and Derek Rake with you.

The Main difference between these two products and other products in the "Dark Psychology" realm is that other programs mostly go over abstract ideas, but these 2 go over usable techniques as well as the abstract ideas





Quote from Astronomically Low Status on November 15, 2020, 6:49 am

I absolutely agree with your point. And my intention isn't to use SM solo for relationships!


let me be clearer on that because it's an important point: when you talk like that, it feels like you're falling for the marketing shenanigans.

There is no magic dark psychology or speech patterns that allows to reliably control anyone without providing good value -especially not in the long term, and especially not anyone "worth controlling", so to speak-.

But there are other routes that allow you to reliably gain much leverage in life, including leverage on people.

Focusing on whatever covert thing one can do sidetracks from what gives you the biggest bang for the buck.

What's more important is the mindset behind it.

To simplify:

  • High power, high value: has high confidence and much to offer, so walks in and approaches like this: "Hi! This is who I am, this is what I got to offer. No shenanigans. Let me see if you're a good match for me". Screens people, and has the high self-esteem and resilient ego to take a "no" from others and move on.
  • Low power, lower value: has low confidence in his own value, so seeks the "covert" route. Feels safer since he doesn't have to put himself out there.

To be more direct and hard hitting:

What do you think is best, to be:

  • Astronomically Low Status and become a Jedi master at the "Shogun Method"
  • Be high status, have no ideas about "Shogun Method", screen people in one's life, and stick with the ones who can provide equal high-value back

The focus should be on overt high status, on the mindsets, on how to add value... And less on the covert Shogun.

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Astronomically RevolutionisedmussawirimamDMselffriend
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

I absolutely agree with everything you have said. I want to develop a high Vue mindset! But the low value has been INGRAINED In me for years. i was always for techniques to get the work done, never focusing in the bigger picture long run.

As a kid I was very low value and looked for ways I could trick others to take me as high status instead of taking the efforts to actually become one, because I didn't know you could become one, I didn't have a mentor or such.

Before you get me wrong, I got out of the SM circle months back. I remember posting about fractionation for seduction here few months back. That is when I was into this thing and I was closed minded regarding any differing opinion.

But I realised soon that the community was like a cult and I left.

I had forgotten about it, and moved on to focus on career since.

Recently, I came across the folder where I had all the stuff, and I thought about implementing those stuff on office scenarios. But the way I could adapt it , it gets rather awkward in formal settings.

That being said! What all resources would you recommend me to go through to write over the low value traits.

One thing I know that has changed, is that I am more open to opinions, criticisms , long term focus.

Thank you Lucio,




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Lucio Buffalmano

Very positive message, A.
It sounds like you're in the right headspace.

And just to be clear on my side as well, it's not like hypnosis or anything covert must be avoided or make anyone a "bad person".

It can be a good -or even great- added tool to learn.
But a focus on that as your primary tool for social strategies or general success, that's very likely to lead someone down the wrong -and less effective- road.

To answer your question, the more you spend time on higher-quality self-development tools, the more you will retrain your mind to adopt better mindsets -so you're already doing it-.

General self-development also addresses values / beliefs / mindsets.

Let me think of something, and let's see if in the meanwhile someone else has some good suggestions.

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Astronomically Revolutionisedselffriend
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Hi Lucio.

Any update regarding my suggestions?


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