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Adapt to the culture, don't fight it

Cultures do change, of course.

But they change slowly, and rarely change because you or another angry minority is protesting it.

To compound the issue, the most boneheaded cultural wars of these days aren't even addressing culture, but seek to change inborn preferences.

You know what these are:

  • Men should not judge women for sleeping around
  • Women should not be able to use beauty to advance their causes
  • Companies should not promote mostly male executives
  • Men should not prefer thin women
  • Women should not prefer dominant/wealthy/alpha over nice guys/poor/lazy
  • Men should stop prefering submissive women

Much of this stuff isn't even cultural -or it's only cultural to a tiny fraction-.

On the other hand, you can rest assured there is a powerful effect in fighting cultural wars.
What's sure to have an immediate effect, is the effect on the individual fighting the cultural war.

Those who fight the main culture market themselves as not “good enough” to succeed within that culture.
Because, of course, those who are successful in that culture rarely fight it -some exceptions apply, including some folks who've been heavily manipulated by guilt-tripping-.

In short, fighting the culture is unlikely to change the culture and more likely to make you look bitter and not good enough for the cultural standards[1].

And, finally, beware of the common “cultural-progressive” manipulation.

The "let's publicly fight for change (but I privately conform)" manipulation

I call these "pro-social feints".

The manipulation consists in publicly professing that the cultural diktats “are a meaningless imposition” that need to be fought for the good of everyone.
But then privately, guess what, conforming to that same cultural diktat because, deep down, they know it does matter –or they wouldn’t have to complain in the first place-.

Or did you really think that women who complain about the “thin standards” really eat whatever they wanna eat with a clean conscience?

But don't fight the revolutionaries, either...

Finally, I also advise you not to fight those who fight to change the culture.

Why not?

Because those are usually the liberals, left-wingers and the early “virtue signalers”.
When you oppose them, you look conservative.
And they might easily frame you as the “stuffy, advantaged oppressor who’s fighting for his entrenched interests in the establishment".

It's a nasty frame that can easily get under people's skin.
And you don't have time for getting bitter against those who are already bitter.

This is particularly important when the cultural fighters are virtue-signalers who successfully framed themselves as "good / pro-social".

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Generally stay above the fray

Generally, I'd recommend you stay above the cultural wars.

Cultural wars are largely time sinks for people with a bit too much time on their hands and no real personal goals.

You just keep doing your thing.

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