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Admin interventions & decisions thread

Quote from Lucio Buffalmano on May 25, 2021, 2:13 pm

Yeah, I thought so, props to you for recognizing the dynamics and owning to them :).

Thanks for helping me to hold myself to a high standard.
Sometimes I slip up.

And to draw a nugget of wisdom from this story rather than wasting time on spammer:

If you truly gotta deceive to add your link, either do it well, or don't waste time at all.
At least, not on a website where people are most likely to recognize your BS.

I do think some people are pretty good at dropping in a link casually.
Probably the savvy marketers.

Then again, nothing beats a website officially recognising you with a proper article back to your website.
Google is getting pretty smart about the backlinks too.

Yes, you're right, Google is pretty smart, most spammers are wasting time. And sometimes even actively damaging a website since Google might penalize a website with a spammy-looking link profile.

But I suppose some people haven't caught up, or they're selling packages of backlinks to SEO-unsavvy buyers and then don't care how they obtain or place those backlinks.

Edit: covert questions
Yeah, we discussed "covert questions" here before and even defined in the dictionary.
Interesting dynamics.
Sometimes it makes sense to "hedge one's bets" socially and status-wise, but the use cases of covert questions are rather limited, so in my opinion it's best to either don't ask anything when you think the risks are too high, or simply go for it.
A middle way could be to ask in a power-protecting or face-saving manner if you think the question might be too risque, but still make it clear that is a quetion (which, just to be clear, wasn't a sensitive case in this situation).

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?