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Admin interventions & decisions thread

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FWIW, I think you handled it beautifully and I don't mind that my post went away. The entire convo was an example of what not to do in a forum, or in life. But that's my opinion, I'm really bothered by entitlement.

You have been told here and here to contact support about your request.

You haven't yet done so.

Instead, you have now:

  • Spammed, with 7 (!!) posts in a row with little content, repeating the same request over and over. Because those are off-topic and add no real value, we may also delete them after this clears out
  • Manipulated, as explained here
  • Power moved on me and with a generally aggressive and poor attitude that, you can rest assured, I don't tolerate and have already had more than enough of (if it were towards another member, I'd have already spoken to Ali about it to intervene)
  • Bitch behavior, over-reacting with 7 posts in a row to demand something that is being granted by default


  • Just a bad example of social and life effectiveness, starting out confrontational, escalating things that didn't need to escalate, and putting yourself at risk of not getting what is being granted by default and that tens of people have already gotten (on a personal note, I hope that in all these years you didn't go through PU at all, or for whatever reasons couldn't get some of the lessons. Otherwise, it utterly failed to teach anything)

Those all break the forum rules and TPM's values.
We made it clear in this post that we won't tolerate many power moves on this forum and that a certain standard of behavior is expected.

So this is your warning:

Quit spamming, quit acting out, communicate properly, and contact support for the extension.

If you don't comply and keep insisting on that path of breaking both forum and social norms, admin intervention may follow right after.
Since TPM only wants to serve people of character with its products, your extension to PU may also be affected in some shape or form.

If that's the case, I will also talk to @01ascarlett about it as the other admin (plus, with the added benefit that Ali is less directly involved than I am).

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