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Best Resources on Parent-Child Dynamics

I read Lucio's book recommendation
Will I Ever Be Good Enough (10/10)

I thought it was a brilliant book on the toxic dynamics between mother and child (although the book focused on daughters).

Lucio's Recommended Books on Parent-Child Dynamics

These are the books that I have found from Lucio's reviews:

I’m OK – You’re OK (10/10)
Will I Ever Be Good Enough (10/10)
First Things First (7/10)
How to Talk So Kids Will Listen: Summary & Review (7/10)
Mob Daughters (6/10)

I haven't read all of them.
Though I found the book "Will I ever be good enough (10/10)" particularly insightful.

Parenting University?

I was thinking that parenting resources are quite spread out.
Maybe a course on parenting or parent-child dynamic could be very valuable.
After all, I think that there are plenty of dysfunctional dynamics between parents and children.