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Beyond approval addiction

Lucas, great journal!
I really like your courage in facing your fears/self doubts in social situations. It's inspiring to see that in other people. In fact, I can learn a thing or two from your mentality. It's a positive, and forward facing mind-set. It's very proactive. I can see the contrast between where you are at in life, and where I am. You're positive about facing your social goals. And I'm a bit more focused on myself, and John said I was lacking warmth... I think you come across as warm. You have a playfulness to life that I lost somewhere along the way.
I like reading about your self-exposure experiments. It's inspiring me to do the same!
You have huevos!

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Thanks JM - I appreciate the encouragement 😉 ...  I've definitely found in the past that 'exposure therapy' has been what has worked for me.. I just allowed myself to slip out of practice a bit, so here I am pushing forward once again... self-transformation is a marathon not a sprint - that's one thing I know for sure!

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