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Building lasting connections with multiple bestselling authors at once!

So, when I got a book deal opportunity, I was in talks with the company because they don't let everyone in.

When I secured the opportunity and started writing my book, I had also completed this part of Ullmen's persuasion course:

The Power "Thank You" Method

The most influential persuaders practice a habit of gratitude.

How To Use the Power "Thank You" Method

(1) Thank the person for something specific that he or she did for you.

(2) Acknowledge the thought and effort the person took to help you.

(3) Tell the person how their action made a difference in your life and what actions you'll take going forward because of it.

And, I had already congratulated them on their good choice as I learned in Power University, but something told me that this was a great opportunity to see how good I was at using the Power Thank You Method. So, this was my email:

As you can see, I implemented every step in the method. And, here was the response:

He shared my email with the main team, and as a result, I was able to connect with numerous established bestselling authors within the company.

So, when I say that all of the strategies and techniques I share have been real-world-tested, this is what I mean. I've used this technique in a couple of other instances where it didn't work as well, but so far the results have been great in the field. And, of course, giving gratitude is also a way of giving value, which can increase your social capital.

So, I highly recommend this one :).

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